Infant & Toddler Program

Designed for providing stimulation, interaction, routine, and exploration opportunities for early motor, social, intellectual, and moral development.

A Meaningful Beginning with a Collaborative Approach

Partnering with the main caregiver of the child, bonding, and learning is fostered through purposeful play. A team of teachers is present in the Small Wonders village to facilitate learning opportunities through village play, show and tell, music and movement, drama, art and craft, physical development, and an educational snack time.

The Nursery program has creative play and the multiple intelligences of children as its underlying philosophical basis. Thematic activities and learning materials are primed to develop and support strengths and skills.
Children will pick up language and numeracy skills, as well as social skills through an integrated process of learning through creative play.

Art and craft, cookery, drama, music and movement, physical development, sand & water play, nature-linked activities are some highlights of the Nursery program which will be further enriched in N2-K2.

What Your Child will Learn.


The phonics-based English program covers basic language and literacy skills that lead eventually to reading and writing.

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It combines stories, songs, rhymes, language activities, reading, spelling and creative writing. Our materials are designed to prepare children for primary one.

Our reading program introduces children to the frequently used sight words that will also help them to read.

Art & Craft (Reggio-Emilia-inspired)

We offer a unique approach to art that is inspired by the Reggio-Emilia preschools.

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Some highlights in our art program are – the presence of an artist-in-residence, the use of environmentally friendly materials, non-prescriptive art explorations which emphasize not just the product but the work-in-progress, and a wide array of aesthetic options being made accessible.

There is also integration between art activities and other activities in the program, developing inquiry and knowledge in early science.

Speech & Drama (English)

This provides a conducive platform for self-expression.

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Children are guided in developing correct speech and articulation as well as vocal and facial expression through interesting activities involving recitation, characterization, and mime.


Our Mathematics program emphasizes the development of fundamental Mathematical concepts from the concrete to the abstract.

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The language-oriented and problem-solving approach involves interesting hands-on activities that make Mathematics fun and challenging.

We use a combination of our own materials and an excellent Australian program, Growing with Mathematics. This program equips students with a variety of thinking strategies they can use to solve problems effectively and confidently.

Its recommended teaching methods, mathematical content, and program sequence are supported by extensive field testing and in-depth research.

Music & Movement

While elements of music and movement are interwoven into the teaching of English, and Mathematics

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There is a separate time set aside for the exploration of music and movement in a creative and imaginative manner. Some activities may be structured to develop certain musical and coordination skills while others may be improvisatory in nature allowing greater freedom of expression and individuality.

Kindermusik, a high-quality preschool music program that originated from Germany and developed in the U.S. will be conducted once a week by our certified teacher.

Creative and Critical Thinking

During Creative and Critical Thinking lessons, children have the opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas.

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It is a time where children are encouraged to ask questions and to come up with logical answers themselves. The emphasis is on observation of the environment using all the senses.

Components of the MATAL Early Childhood Program from Israel form the basis for developing these critical thinking skills.