Our Director

Risham Checker

She is convinced that a child’s golden age of learning and development takes place within the first six years of a child’s life, and thus advocates for parents, caregivers and schools to partner with one another in order to unlock the potential in every child.


Combining the power of a growth mindset, the tools from a strong social-emotional program, and the opportunities to apply all of this to a nearly limitless range of learning experiences is essential to our commitment to educating children today for an unknown world of tomorrow. Our students are change agents with strong character who are equipped with the tools, inclination, and experience to make a positive difference. It starts in the Early Childhood Center, where children develop strategies for inclusion, conflict resolution, and a penchant for exploration. From the ECC through elementary and on to middle school, SWS students are intrinsically motivated to push their limits of academic understanding, as they simultaneously engage in selfless enterprises in a highly diverse and inclusive school community.